How to contribute

Everyone is welcome to contribute with Suitup PHP Framework. Just fork it, make your changes as minimal as possible and create a pull request. We ask to create minimal changes because by this way it's easier to merge your request to the project in approve case.

Development Tools

As you want to contribute with the project there are mainly three projects that you must to know:

Update the documentation

To properly create documentation for Suitup you will need MkDocs which is a very simple way to create docs and publish with Github pages.

Get Python 3

Download and install python 3, there's no secrets here.

Download and install

Get pip here

$ python3.5 ~/Downloads/

If the outputs of the command $ pip --version is somethings like pip 19.2.2 from /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/pip (python 3.5) (note python 3.5) so you just need to run the command pip instead of pip3.5

Install mkdocs

$ pip3.5 install mkdocs

Material Theme

$ php3.5 install mkdocs-material

mkdocs Server

$ cd /path/to/suitup/root/
$ mkdocs serve

Deploy to Github pages

After work have been done deploy your changes to the gh-pages

See some more information about it here

$ mkdocs gh-deploy

Learn how to make it better

Our documentation was made under MkDocs with Material Theme, to learn more about mkdocs click here and to get the best of Material Theme click here.

CodeHilite is an extension that adds syntax highlighting to code blocks and is included in the standard Markdown library. The highlighting process is executed during compilation of the Markdown file.

Syntax highlighting not working?

Please ensure that Pygments is installed. See the next section for further directions on how to set up Pygments or use the official Docker image with all dependencies pre-installed.


CodeHilite parses code blocks and wraps them in pre tags. If Pygments is installed, which is a generic syntax highlighter with support for over 300 languages, CodeHilite will also highlight the code block. Pygments can be installed with the following command:

pip install pygments

See more here